Soi Dog's Intake & Treatment Policies

Street dogs and cats are a fact of life in Thailand and throughout SE Asia. Thailand alone is home to well over 2 million strays. The only effective and humane method of addressing the cause of their unnecessary suffering (overpopulation) is through wide scale sterilization programs resulting in manageable population levels.

The main aim of the Soi Dog Foundation is to prevent the unnecessary suffering of stray animals through our wide scale CNVR program (Capture, Sterilize, Vaccinate & Release). By reducing the number of unwanted animals being born, the problem of overpopulation decreases and the unnecessary suffering of animals ceases.

Removing strays from their territory is neither practical, nor effective and in fact, contributes to the problem of over-population as unsterilized animals move in to take advantage of the now available food sources and breeding continues. Sterilizing stray animals and leaving them in their environment prevents this.

Soi Dog operates a shelter and animal hospital in Phuket. Soi Dog shelters and rehomes dogs that have been subject to cruelty or abuse or through age and/or illness are unable to survive on their own. In addition, as space allows Soi Dog gives shelter to abandoned puppies and kittens that are unable to fend for themselves. Soi Dog Foundation also treats stray dogs and cats for injury and disease and the pets of people who cannot afford veterinary treatment.

Unlike many shelters or pounds in western countries, Soi Dog does not act as a disposal centre for animals “surrendered” by their owners, nor do we euthanize healthy animals. Importantly Soi Dog does not remove stray dogs or cats unless they are at risk of cruelty or abuse in their current environment or due to age and illness will not survive in their current environment.

Emergency cases such as traffic accidents and serious wounds take priority and will always be picked up as soon as possible. However, Soi Dog does not have a 24 hour emergency service. Stray animals requiring urgent treatment out of hours should be taken to the nearest available vet. If Soi Dog is advised, we will collect them the next day and pay costs.

The Soi Dog Foundation has neither the space nor the funds to keep any of the following type of animals.

1. Dogs and cats no longer wanted by their owners. The foundation is not a disposal point for unwanted pets. It will give every assistance to relocate animals overseas if the owner wishes to relocate them. This is entirely at the owner’s expense. Owners no longer wanting pets should try to rehome them.

2. Dogs and cats perceived to be a nuisance to humans. Soi Dog will sterilize animals living in your area. Sterilized animals will protect their territory from other dogs or cats. Removing them simply opens up the area for other non sterilized animals to move in and a far worse situation will occur as a result.

3. Soi Dog staff do not to respond to threats that animals will be poisoned or otherwise killed if we do not take them. Poisoning is common in Thailand, but in our experience, being as it is against the wishes of His Majesty the King, no local council or individual will advertise that they are going to poison dogs in advance. The perpetrators are always anonymous.

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