A Plea from Gill to all visitors to Thailand 

When visiting countries abroad please try to follow these guidelines when it comes to animals.

You are staying in a hotel, guest house villa etc & there are dogs around, you feel sorry for them & allow them in your room, feed & cuddle them. You also let them sleep on the floor or on the furniture & bed.

Once you go home & the next guests arrive, they do not like animals, but the dogs don’t understand this & keep scratching on the door & try to get in the room. The new guests complain to the manager saying they don’t want these animals around their room & expect the manager to stop it happening.

So one of the following happens to kill the dog:

  1. Club the dog to death
  2. Poison the dog
  3. Attack the dog with a machete

Also the dog whilst in your room being fed & taken care of, is away from his/her territory & new dogs can move in. So when the dog tries to go back it’s forced out by the newcomers, thus having no food or place to sleep!

I know you all mean well but in reality this is very dangerous and cruel as the dog thinks it now has a new owner and a new life.

If you want to feed the dogs then please do so well away from your accommodation’s grounds & under no circumstances feed the animals in the restaurants, as the animal will come again & the next guest may not like animals & complain to the management & the result will be the same. A Dead Animal !!!

Also please do NOT have your picture taken with any exotic animals, these are drugged & should be in the jungle & not on the streets or in shows.

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