Let your money help dogs like Shiver when you no longer need it.

Most of us do not give much thought to making a Will. After all, we lead busy lives and a Will is surely something to consider in the years ahead.

However, writing a Will is the only way you can be certain that your assets will be distributed as you wish, benefiting the people and causes dear to you.

Please consider joining a group of Soi Dog’s deeply committed supporters who sustain our programs by leaving a bequest in their Will. By doing so you will make a real and lasting difference for ill, injured, and abused dogs and cats. Bequests are crucial to the long-term wellbeing of Soi Dog Foundation. Those who have chosen to mention Soi Dog in their Wills provide funds that ensure our efforts will persist until there are no more homeless dogs and cats in Thailand.

Please make this very special gift yourself by remembering Soi Dog Foundation in your Will.

In truth, we urgently need individuals like yourself to take this important step. Bequests are one of our most critical sources of funding. Soi Dog depends on people like you to remember us in their Wills to ensure our vital work to stop the suffering of animals will continue.

A bequest is a decision you can make today about what happens with your money when you no longer need it. It doesn’t have any impact on you during your lifetime, so everyone can do it whether wealthy or not. It’s surprisingly easy to add Soi Dog to your Will – only an amendment or codicil is needed.

Soi Dog honours our supporters who have already advised us of their bequest with membership in our Legacy Circle for Dogs and Cats. As a valued member of this circle, you will receive personal communication from Soi Dog’s leaders to update you about our programs and inform you of the impact your contributions are making on animal welfare. If you have already put us in your will, please let us know so we can thank you personally and include you in the Legacy Circle.

To find out how to leave a gift to Soi Dog in your Will click here.

Soi Dog Foundation has grown consistently since it was founded in 2003 and we now sterilise more than 10,000 dogs and cats annually in addition to addressing animal welfare issues throughout Thailand. As the largest organization in Southeast Asia helping cats and dogs, the organisation is in a position where a bequest from you can make an extraordinary difference to animals in need. By joining our Legacy Circle for Dogs and Cats, you will provide us with the long-term funding we depend on to create a healthy and sustainable dog population in Phuket, continue to rescue and treat sick, injured, and abused cats and dogs, and eliminate the illegal dog meat trade in Thailand.

Find out how you can help dogs like Shiver through your Will please click here.

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