Anne's Story...

The mission of the Soi Dog Foundation, Phuket, Thailand touched my heart deeply when I came upon it a few years ago. This cause and this organization felt pretty special.

I learned about the plight of the vulnerable Soi Dogs – I saw their majesty and incredible spirit, their amazing resilience and wish to survive - often in spite of horrific abuse, disregard or neglect. I felt much admiration for the founders, John and Gill Dalley. Ex-pat Britishers John and Gill chose to follow their hearts and respond to the obvious plight of the dogs; forfeiting a comfortable retirement and embracing this undertaking with much courage, patience, humility and supreme practicality. I felt the ethical imperative driving this mission and the passion and commitment of those in leadership roles who serve as the voice of the animals. Thousands of animals, both dogs and cats, have benefited immeasurably through Soi Dog’s sterilization and vaccination programs, health care and crisis interventions, and there have also been many wonderful local and overseas adoptions! I love to follow the stories of the dogs at the Shelter, and am so appreciative of how the animals are treated with such respect, as individuals.

Soi Dog’s mission is also highly responsive and proactive regarding animal welfare issues confronting Thailand and other countries in the region. This includes working collaboratively with local and international agencies and government authorities to eradicate the dog meat trade and intercept the brutally crammed trucks - so saving many, many dogs from a horrific death. Of course those thousands of dogs saved need to be adequately housed, treated and rehabilitated, so the challenges are definitely there and much additional donor support is required. But nothing can diminish my gratitude and relief upon seeing the faces of those dogs rescued from the trucks, and knowing that these ones have been spared. Huge strides have, and are, being made as increasing awareness and abhorrence of this illegal practice spreads both locally and overseas.

The issues around abandoned and abused animals, humane sterilisation and the prevention of diseases born of neglect or indifference are not ones that can be fully solved in a month or a year - they are the work of many years, and I know that Soi Dog Foundation will be there for the long haul. I have faith that it will maintain its compassionate, ethical, proactive approach, responding to current needs and whatever the future brings. It is a charitable organization that is going from strength to strength, and rightly so, as awareness of the mission spreads and the momentum towards benevolent change increases. Many animals, current and future, can and will receive the fruits of our kindness and support of the Foundation.

I love the Soi Dogs and Cats. Soi Dog Foundation’s mission is one I respect and trust, so it was natural for me to include Soi Dog as a beneficiary in my Will.

Anne Lindsay,

Melbourne, Australia

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Lisa's Story...

When I first made my trip to Thailand with a friend we decided to visit Soi Dog to see what sort of work they do and to make sure it was a legitimate organisation before donating not only our time but money as well.  We made the trip in 2010 I think it was and when we arrived it was so terribly sad to see so many dogs that had either been mistreated, injured, starving or sick but were glad they were now safe.  

On the other side of the coin, what better place to arrive in than Soi Dog after their trauma where they are well fed, treated and given so much love that they probably have never had in their entire lives.  The dedication of John and Gill Dalley had impressed us so much that we wanted to come back and do some volunteer work.  We came back in 2011 and although the heat was unbearable in April, we still wanted to "do our bit" to such a worthy cause and give these animals some tender loving care, even if it was only for a short time.  

By the fourth day it had hit home as to how much they actually do and by the time it was time to go, there were tears streaming down my face as I looked at Dr Su and in between sobs, I said to her "thank you for what you do" - it's all I could say but needed to be said.  

When you look at dogs like Lucy and Shiver who may never be adopted it is so important that Soi Dog continue on and knowing when I am gone my gift will be used to keep Soi Dog going well into the future ensuring the dogs of Thailand have a refuge they can call home.

Lisa Fogarty

Sydney, Australia

To find out how to leave a gift to Soi Dog in your Will click here.

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