Donations Of Veterinary Supplies

Soi Dog is often approached by supporters regarding the donation of supplies and equipment. This is very important to Soi Dog. However some supplies are better sourced in Thailand due to logistics and cost.

Listed below are items which are particularly needed and make sense to source overseas. Should items on this list be available please contact Gregg Tully at: The prices for these items when sourced in Thailand are also noted. 100 Thai Baht (tbt) is approximately $3.10 USD or 2.50 Euros.

If you are traveling to Thailand with medicines, Soi Dog will provide you a letter to carry with you for customs purposes. If doing so please email Khun Pond ( ) with the following information:

- your full name.

- a list of the items including quantities.

- where the items are from (country and specific source, by example: Colorado, USA Fremont Veterinary Clinic)

- your date of arrival to Thailand.

Khun Pond will email you a letter (in Thai language) for use when clearing customs. Please allow 7 days for the letter to be emailed to you. Please print two copies of the letter, pack one copy with the supplies and carry the other copy with you.

For items shipped to Soi Dog the customs declaration should read: "Donated expired veterinary supplies for charity. Not for resale."

 Soi Dog's mailing address is:

 Soi Dog Foundation
 167/9 Moo 4, Soi Mai Khao 10,
 Mai Khao,
 Amphur Talang,
 Phuket ,

For additional details concerning methods of delivering items to Soi Dog please contact us at:

Some General Guidelines 

  • Injectables must not be past their use by date.
  • We can use oral medication up to 4 months after expiry date.  
  • Cream 1 year after expiry date.  
  • Suture (must not be out of use by date)  Vicryl 2/0 - per 15 meters 7,700tbt  
  • Vicryl 0/0 - per 15 meters 7,700tbt  
  • Catgut 0/0 - per 100 meters 4,400tbt  
  • Catgut 2/0 - per 100 meters 4,400tbt  
  • Surgical Needles  Numbers 24, 28, & 32 – per pack of 10, 250tbt

Medication - Not more than 3 months out of date

ORBAX (Orbifloxacin) - The original once a day Quinolone with Colour-Coding & E-Z    Break. Made by Intervet Schering-Plough Animal Health

      Doses required: 
          ORBAX 22.7 mg 500 tablets cost in Thailand 6,555tbt
          ORBAX 68 mg 200 tablets cost in Thailand 6,650tbt

Medication - Not more than 6 months out of date

  • Frontline, Advocate, Advantage, and similar flea/tick treatments

  • Atopica, a form of Cyclosporin for treating skin disorders. We especially need 50mg and 100mg doses but we can use any dosage size
  • Benazepril HCl 5mg (not available in Thailand)

  • Penicillin - Streptomycin LA (PSLA) - per 100ml 500tbt  

  • Marbofloxacim - per 50ml 750tbt  

  • Rimadyl (Oral) – per 60 tablets 1,350tbt 

  • Rimadyl Injection - per 20ml 830tbt 
  • Tramadol Injection – per 50 ampoules (1ml per ampoule) 200tbt  

  • Carprieve Injection for small animals  

  • Solcoseryl Jelly – per 25 grams 250 tbt  

  • Introsite Gel  

  • Glucosamine tablets  

  • Otomax ointment (ears) 180tbt 7.5grm  

  • Optimmune Opthaimic Ointment (Dry Eyes) 700tbt 2.5grm  

  • Melolite Non-adherent absorbent dressing (not available in Thailand)  

  • Telfa conforming elastic gauze bandage (not available in Thailand)  

  • Scalibor collars  

  • Killtics collars  


  • Stethoscopes - each 5,000 THB (medium quality) 

  • Instruments for spaying and neutering dogs
  • Surgical Blades - per 100 blades 175 THB 

  • Spay Kits each - 2,000 THB each (cheap set made in China)  

  • Refractometer  

  • Microscope – Medex Digital with Softwear – model no. Da-180M 32,000 THB 

  • Digital X Ray  

  • Ultrasound

General Items

  • Squeaky toys for puppies

  • Slip leads (leashes) (no collars please)
  • Poo bags

  • Feliway refills

  • D.A.P. refills 

  • Zylkine

  • All-weather toys  

  • Grooming scissors 

  • Grooming brushes (plastic only; no wood please) 

  • Nail clippers

  • #10 grooming/clipping blade

  • Ultrasound

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