You Can Help End The Illegal Dog Meat Trade ...

Awareness of the illegal dog meat trade within Thailand as well as internationally has grown significantly. The documentary Shadow Trade by Environment Films will soon be released internationally. Shadow Trade provides an in-depth view into the trade and the motivations behind the trade. Please take a moment to watch this trailer:

The cost of feeding and providing treatment to the dogs rescued from the trade is astronomical and well outside of Soi Dog’s normal operating budget. It costs approximately $33,000/€25,000 each month simply to feed the literally thousands of dogs who have been saved. It is inevitable that the number of dogs going to these shelters will increase until the trade is finally stopped.

You can help towards the costs of feeding and caring for the rescued dogs by joining the Magic 1000 club today. A monthly donation of $30/€25 (or whatever you can afford) will go towards feeding 4 dogs each month.

Please consider making a regular monthly donation or one time donation by becoming a member of the Magic 1,000 club today. You can make a regular monthly donation or one time donation either by Credit Card or Paypal. Your donation will go directly towards providing food and care for the dogs held at these shelters.

Join The Magic 1000 Today To Help The Rescued Dogs...

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