Siam - A Thai Stray

Many visitors to Thailand have their lives touched by the plight of the street dogs and cats here. Below is a poem written by Australian tourist Diana Thurbon about just another street dog, who came into her life during a short holiday here in Phuket this month.

Soi Dog is looking for him to try and arrange that he gets helped as Diana is fearful he will starve without intervention.



Siam - A Thai Stray

The sun goes down, dark, sudden, tropical, over all

the barren, sea-wet rocks exposed by tide.

The tourists and her shelter deck chairs gone - night will fall.

She curls up small and sandy; all alone she will abide.


I lament that a different life she will never know.

Her puppy-hood is solitude and scraps,

she scavenges her patch up and down, to and fro.

Always tired, this chocolate brown dog naps.


Sunday morning I watch – people

walk past her- laughing, eating, uncaring.

Then they go to their prayers in the temple; steeple

their hands in prayer. Pointless ritual, all un-sharing.


I give my new friend some bacon, rub an ear.

I pity the people who don't see starvation at their feet.

A passer-by says to me “Careful they bite.” I wipe a tear,

“She is starving!” “Nah they do OK on the beach in the heat.”

She  is just ONE dog, I know. All over Asia they forage and fret
cats and dogs with scabs and sores. No one sees. No one cares.
Just another homeless pup. At home her cousin sleeps on my bed,
I can't understand. I rub her ears, rub my eyes and my heart tears.


As a result of a diligent search by Soi Dog's dog catcher's and concerned volunteer's Siam has been found, has undergone treatment at Soi Dog's clinic and is being rehomed in the United States. This just in, 24 hours after the above story was posted.


    Siam With Gill Dalley                    Siam Receiving Treatment


              Siam Meets Beth & Singha        Siam Playing In San Francisco

 Siam now in San Francisco meets Singha who was rescued by Beth from Kata beach in December.

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