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Your help is urgently needed to save the dogs and cats affected by the recent severe flooding in the Bangkok region!

Large scale evacuations of people occurred in the worst affected areas of Bangkok. People being evacuated were typically not allowed to take their pets with them and these dogs and cats as well as thousands of strays were left behind. The water may be going down but the rescue effort is far from over.

Soi Dog is working with groups in the Bangkok area to support these rescued animals. Rescue groups have worked around the clock to save the dogs and cats before it was too late. Now that the flood water is receeding these animals still need your help. Many are in temperary shelters needing feeding & medical attention, others are being cared for by rescue groups & locals. Funds are needed to help pay for food & vet bills plus the huge task of returning these animals to their homes.

If we cannot support them, these animals may have to spend the rest of their lives in government shelters. Returning them home healthy & sterilized is our goal but it is going to take months rather than weeks. The massive clean up effort has started but we can't return these dogs until we are sure they will be OK, until then we must, with your help, care for them.

Donations are still urgently needed to support the rescue effort!

Please click below to watch this poignant video tell the story...

NOTE:This video is not intended to shock the viewer. It does however reflect why your help is needed today!


Please donate as generously as you can today! Time is of the essence in giving these animals a second chance! All donations go directly to helping the animals return home.


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