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Hanako shortly after arrival

Four month old Hanako arrived at the Soi Dog shelter with paralysed limbs & suffering pneumonia, showing signs of having a traumatic injury early in life. She was also very thin, covered in parasites & was going to be a real challenge for Dr Su & her team. After a few weeks of treatment & tender loving care she began to walk & her fighting spirit shone through. However Hanako never managed to conquer her pneumonia & sadly she finally lost her battle. Hanako touched many hearts & will never be forgotten.

To save the lives of thousands of dogs like Hanako, Soi Dog is about to build a large, modern hospital at our shelter in Phuket, Thailand.

Although Dr Su & her team did their absolute best to make Hanako's stay at the Soi Dog Clinic as comfortable as possible, Soi Dog's current hospital area is very small and not suited to long term patients like Hanako. Hanako's passing has prompted us to push ahead with raising funds for a badly needed new hospital, to replace the small clinic where Hanako spent so much of her short life. 

The dogs which Soi Dog treats urgently need this new hospital. The current clinic cannot cope with the number of treatment cases being dealt with resulting in:

1. A high risk of cross infection owing to lack of segregation.
2. Many dogs being kept in outside kennels which are very hot or very damp and
    cold depending on weather.
3. A lot of activity with dogs being sterilized many of which are wild and have to be
    anesthetized etc., where very sick dogs are.
4. Conditions that do not promote rapid healing.

The new hospital will have separate wards, so dogs can be segregated according to condition. New dogs will be quarantined and puppies will be kept separate from larger dogs. The additional space will allow for much needed x-ray facilities which is not possible in the current hospital.

If you would like to help make this hospital a reality and make life a little better for those dogs that need extra special care, your donation will go straight towards the construction of our new hospital & the ongoing treatment/running costs. The amount needed to build and furnish the hospital will be at least US$500,000 and may be substantially more.

The Thai Ladies who found HanakoHanako in the ClinicHanako learning to walk


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