The Safe Place a book for animal lovers

When you purchase your copy of this terrific book you will be able to join John, Gill, and the vets and volunteers as they tirelessly work to save the unwanted, unloved dogs of Phuket.

You will befriend Sanea a young Thai boy who works with the team of dog catchers and vets and learns all about the street dogs as well as how to live his life meaningfully as he journeys through these pages.

At times poignantly sad ,and at others hilariously funny, the team battle disease, rampaging monkeys and even the tsunami in their efforts to provide a Safe Place for the stray dogs and cats. Based on a true story with many real and revealing situations, you will come to love the characters of canines such as the three legged Milo, Snouser, the Sgt. Major and a very wicked Black and Tan Doberman who is hopelessly out of place on the island of Phuket.

This is a book for children but also for anyone who cares about the street dogs and cats as they battle for their very existence on an island paradise.


Any adult who cares about animal welfare will want to read this book.

The best thing, is every time you buy a book, every cent that the Soi Dog Foundation makes from the sale, will go into a fund to prevent and treat distemper.

The author Don Cronk is best known for his Billabong Valley series for younger children and also for his tireless efforts to encouraging creative writing with young people. Don carried the expenses to produce the book, and generously donated every cent of profit to the Soi Dog Foundation. In addition many thanks to Don for his generous donation of $1000 towards securing the Soi Dog shelter!

The cover art is just that, art, and the renowned artist Jim Caputo donated the hours and hours of work required to produce the meticulously detailed cover. Every dog on the cover is beautifully and expressively drawn.

At only $19.99 plus postage and packing this quality book is a bargain, so why not buy a copy for yourself, for any children you know, for the school library,for your neighbors, and even great Aunt Agatha.

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Here's a video clip about the book and Soi Dog's adoption program which you might want to watch: A Safe Place

The book is available to purchase for $19.99 plus postage.  All the profit goes to treat and prevent distemper on the island. You can help right now by purchasing a copy or even multiple copies as gifts. To order email your name and postal address to


     Monkeys were swarming all over the food piled high off the ground. They gathered up as much food as they could carry and then in groups of about fifty, ran off. Some groups hid behind trees while others took up high positions out of sight on the walls. After about twenty minutes of this activity Sanae could see that the monkeys were surrounding the operating area. Amazingly there wasn't a sound coming from one single monkey. Sanae decided that it was time to tell the vet that the monkeys were up to something.

Upon returning to the operating site Sanae found the vet busy cleaning the paw of a wounded cat that a woman had brought in. The cat wasn't interested in having its paw looked after. It was more interested in getting back to the fight it had been having with a cat intruder that dared to enter its territory. It spat and hissed scratching at the air.

The vet made a quick grab for the back of its neck and between him and the woman they managed to wrestle the cat into a lying position on the table.

"This wound has gone straight to the bone," said the vet, trying to avoid the claws that were poking out like needles. "Try holding him still while I wash out the wound." He might as well have told the woman to release her hold on the cat and let it bite him, because that was exactly what she did. The cat buried its teeth deep into vet flesh and at the same time dug its four paws of claws into his forearm.

It was at that moment Sanae spoke up. "Dr. Tay, I think you should know that the monkeys are up to something strange."

"I've no time for monkey business at the moment, Sanae. I've got a tiger by the tail here."

Streams of blood were running down his arm and splattering onto his shoes. The cat tightened its grip and the woman began pulling hysterically on the cat.

"Stop it! You're hurting the cat," she wailed.

"I'm not biting him he's biting me," protested the vet, forcing the cat's head backwards off his bleeding arm. "Hold his head still so I can get him off my arm." For the moment the cat had forgotten about his adversary back at home. There was a new fight to be had right here. And he was just the wee scrapper to give as good as he got.

"So, it's a fight we'll be having is it?" spat the cat. "Well I'm just the fella' to bring it to you." The woman let go of the cats head as he flipped and flopped. Once again the cat sunk its teeth into the vet's arm.

Sanae, seeing the vet was losing the battle, reached into the vet's bag and pulled out a syringe full of the anaesthetic Zolatil. He placed it into the vet's free hand and once the vet felt the syringe he automatically stuck the needle into the vicious animal. Not knowing the weight of the animal he only gave the cat a small dose. After about a minute the vet could feel the cat loosening its grip.

"Oh, so you won't be fighting fair then," said the cat somewhat blurry eyed. "Sticking one up my backside when I wasn't looking. Whatever happened to fair play in a fight? You might have won a battle but you haven't won the war. I'll be back. For sure, I'll be...."

The cat slowly released its grip on the vet as it succumbed to the anaesthetic. It dropped back onto the table and went limp. That was when the vet was hit in the back of the head with something.



Another Excerpt

Mr. Nok removed his sandals and tip-toed cautiously across the leaf strewn forest floor. He gestured for Sanae to come closer. They could both see the dog pack not more than ten metres up ahead. Mr. Nok aimed his dart gun and with a silent puff of air hit the male dog in the hindquarter. It immediately yelped and jumped up, running headlong into a tree. The female lazily lifted her head to see what all the yelping was about but before she could take any action she too was hit in the hind leg with a dart.

The six young puppies watched on in stunned fascination as both their parents dashed off into the bushes followed by a man with a blow pipe and a boy holding his hat steady on his head. A few minutes later the man returned from the bushes carrying their sleeping dad over his shoulders. The boy stumbled behind him trying to balance the slippery sleeping body of their mother onto his shoulders. He dropped her onto the ground and after much huffing and slipping he finally managed to manoeuvre her limp body behind his neck and holding onto her tail with one hand and her head with the other he proceeded to the waiting van. But not before he shouted at the anxious puppies.

"We'll bring them back as soon as we fix them up."

"Dey look like dey need fixing." said one puppy. "Dey gone all flat."

When the pair reached the van they laid each dog inside the metal cage at the back of the van. As Mr. Nok closed the gate and locked it his mobile phone rang.

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