Please Help Animal Flood Victims Today!


Dear Friends and Supporters of Soi Dog,

I am writing you about an important and very urgent matter. As you may be aware the flood situation in Bangkok and surrounds is worsening. Your help is needed today to save animals affected by this natural disaster.

With hundreds of thousands of people displaced by the floodwaters affecting Bangkok volunteers are working literally around the clock in aid of Bangkoks other residents the dogs and cats.

People evacuating to temporary emergency shelters are not allowed to take their pets with them. Pet owners are forced to leave their animals behind in their houses, many on top of roofs and buildings to protect them from the flood but often with no food or water. In addition Bangkok is home to tens of thousands of street dogs and cats who rely on the local urban environment to survive. With flood waters reaching up to 2 meters depth north of Bangkok these animals have nowhere to turn.

Dogs at puppy farms and animal shelters have been abandoned with many drowning in their cages. Animal shelters where hundreds of unwanted dogs and cats are cared for have flooded with huge numbers drowned.

Dogs and cats in locked cages can be seen floating in the water, most already dead from drowning. As rescuers move through the flooded areas in boats hundreds of dogs are seen swimming for their lives.

Volunteers are working around the clock to get as many animals as possible to safety and they need your help.

Donations are urgently needed for cages, food, transportation, medicine, temporary shelter and of course veterinary help.

Bangkok based animal welfare organization TREAT is rescuing and treating animals in distress. The Soi Dog Foundation in conjunction with TREAT is raising funds towards securing the necessary supplies and equipment needed for the flood relief to continue. Margot Homburg co-founder of Soi Dog and founder of TREAT Bangkok is coordinating the distribution of donated funds to volunteer groups.

Time is of the essence and donations towards continuing the rescues are urgently needed. I am asking for your help today! Please give as generously as you can so that more lives can be saved.

An emergency appeal fund has been established. Donations may be made online at:

All donations go directly to helping the animals in distress.



John Dalley

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