Meet "Shiver"... founder of our

"Puppy Club"

Hi, my name is Shiver. When I was just 4 months old, I lived all alone in a drain beside the road. I don't remember much about it, as I was very sick and I thought I was going to die. One day a very kind truck driver found me & took me to Soi Dog. The people at Soi Dog looked after me & made me better. I  had no hair & I was covered in mange. After my treatment I feel much better because someone cares about me. Soi dog has many puppies like me to care for, but they need help.  You can read more about me further down the page...

Please consider joining my Puppy Care Club & help other dogs just like me.

As of August 2013, Shiver is now fully grown & spends his days in one of our main runs with 15 other dogs. We hope one day soon he'll be ready for adoption.

                  Shiver on arrivalShiver with Dr Su

                       Shiver on arrival                   Shiver with Dr Su             Shiver October 2011


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Join Shiver's Puppy Care Club


Your monthly Puppy Love Gift is a gift of life, to a very needy puppy. Your gift will go straight towards treating, feeding & caring for these tiny creatures. If you'd like to make a difference in the lives of our youngest & most vulnerable residents, please consider joining our Puppy Care Club today.

Soi Dog picks up many young puppies every week. Most have been abandoned on roadsides or dumped & left to die. Unfortunately only the lucky ones are found & given a second chance.  Sadly these very young puppies have often been separated from their mothers & have little resistance to disease.

Shiver's Intensive Care Program.....

Bottle FeedingThese tiny pups enter our Intensive Care Program which includes initial treatment for any injuries or disease, quarantine (until their immune system develops) & involves tasks such as bottle feeding every 2 hours.

Puppy Treatment

Due to the vulnerability of tiny puppies, sadly some often don't survive. Therefore your "Gift" will go towards caring for ALL the puppies currently in Soi Dog's care. Please note that donations cannot go to specific puppies, your donation will be distributed to ensure that all our puppies have a fighting chance.


What is a "Puppy Love" gift...

A Puppy Love Gift, is a gift of life to a tiny puppy. You can choose from 3 gifts. Each gift is precious in the lives of our pups & your gift will immediately help support all the puppies currently in our care.  Here's a sample of what your gift will provide:

  • US$25 "Milk & Kisses Package" - your gift each month will purchase essential special puppy milk formula & loving care for our newest arrivals.
  • US$35 "Mother's Love Package" - your gift each month will provide staff members to act as a "surrogate mothers" to our most vulnerable puppies including bottle feeding & intensive care.
  • US$45 "Premium Medical Care Package"  - your gift each month ensures high level medical & quarantine care to get puppies through their vulnerable first weeks, including essential vaccinations to protect from diseases such as distemper.

Your recurring monthly gift of $45, $35 or as little as $25 a month (only 80 cents a day) will allow you to help keep our promise to all the puppies in the shelter's care. With more puppies arriving each day your gift today is important in allowing this important work to continue.

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Your Gift Will Help Puppies Like These... 

A Puppy called "Shiver"

He's called "Shiver" because he was always shivering. Shiver was just skin & bone & had no hair, so he's was cold.

Shiver was in our Intensive Care Program & wore a little sweater to keep him warm. This little puppy was found at the side of a road by a kind delivery driver, who took the puppy to the government dog pound. The pound had no medicine to treat the pup, so one of the pound staff members asked the driver to take the puppy to Soi Dog. She knew Soi Dog would do all they could to save the puppy's life. Shiver needed intensive care like many puppies that come our way. Your monthly donation will help us care for puppies just like Shiver.


Update: Shiver has recovered now & is learning how to be a puppy. He is quite reserved & takes time to trust you. Considering what he has been through he has turned into a nice dog. 

Read Shiver's story  HERE  Watch shiver's video's HERE  Parts  1, 2, 3, 4, 5

The Story of "Crunchie"

Crunchie, shorly after arrivalThis dear little puppy was the sole survivor of his litter & Crunchie nowa typical example of puppies that SDF rescue every week. Crunchie was abandoned along with his siblings on a main highway & left to die. He came to the shelter covered in bites, sores & mange and so aked to the skin. The rest of his litter had already succumbed to the traffic & Crunchie was found terrified & extremely distressed.

Thanks to Puppy Care Program members, Crunchie is now a healthy pup with a wonderful character & a very stong will to live. Crunchie has recently been adopted by Soi Dog staff members! 

8 Day Old Puppies Found Stabbed In A Sack!

A Thai lady found these 2 puppies in a sack outside her house in Phuket. At just 8 days old, they were lucky to be alive. Puppies arriving at SDFBoth puppies had puncture wounds (not dog bites), but caused by a sharp instrument. The wounds had become infected & were full of maggots. After extensive treatment at Soi Dog the pair were wrapped in bandages & fostered by a caring local expat family who loved & cared for them by re-dressed their wounds, taking them for treatment at SDF & bottle feeding them every 2 to 3 hours. This family have since decided to adopt both puppies & they will no doubt lead a wonderful life. Without our Puppy Care program, these puppies would have surely died.

Intensive treatment after arrivalTogether again after treatmentOn the road to recovery

Update: These pups are now doing wonderfully in their new family, as you can see by the photo on the far right. Pups have been named "Rovai" (girl) & Costello "Boy". That's Costello enjoying his bottle!


If you'd like to help puppies like these, please consider a "Puppy Love" GIFT today!

Thank you.

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