Shelter Medicine Externship for Veterinary Students

Soi Dog Foundation invites veterinary students to gain practical training in Shelter Medicine at the Soi Dog Shelter in beautiful Phuket, Thailand.  Externships generally last two weeks, but may be longer depending on the student’s University requirements and interests.  During the Soi Dog externship, students will spend the majority of their time working with one of our Thai veterinarians in the shelter and hospital, but some time may be spent with veterinary nurses, kennel staff, animal rescue officers, and front office staff to gain a full appreciation of the wide range of shelter activities.  The extern will participate in medical treatments, daily rounds, and assisting with our high-volume spay/neuter clinic. The Soi Dog hospital sees a robust medical caseload of transmissible veneral tumors, vehicular accidents, orthopedic disease, and demodectic manage. The new veterinary hospital, scheduled to open in February of 2016 will be equipped with digital radiology, ultrasonography, and underwater treadmill to provide improved patient care.

The objectives of the Soi Dog Foundation's externship are the following:

-Gain an understanding of the dog meat trade in Southeast Asia

-Learn about effective dog population management and rabies control strategies

-Become familiar with treating commonly seen diseases in stray dogs in Thailand

-Gain an understanding of the challenges of working in an international shelter setting with limited resources

-Understand the cultural issues surrounding pet ownership in Thailand

-Participate in shelter preventive health care protocols

-Develop skills in animal handing and examination

The externship is Monday – Friday, from 9AM-5PM. Weekends are typically left free to allow for travel and sightseeing however motivated externs are welcome to assist with weekend emergencies at the shelter. For more information, please contact Dr. Katherine Polak at

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