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Gender: Male
Age: 8 months
Colour: Tabby

We all need a cat like Andie in our lives!

I was found on the streets as a young kitten with my mum nowhere in sight. I had a wound on my back leg and was limping. Someone kind and caring rushed to my aid and finally I ended up at Soi Dog Foundation. A place dedicated not just for street dogs as the name implies but, cats like me. A place that offers refuge when we have no one else and is struggling on the streets trying to stay alive. 

The wound on my leg is completely healed, so as you can imagine I am gettin restless to be out and about doing all the things that cats love to do including living with a human family who can love me unconditionally.

So why am I special? I am a gorgeous tabby with big cute green eyes. I am also diagnosed from what is known as ataxia. Ataxia is a condition that affects coordination. Mine is mostly around the head and neck which means I tend to wobble my head in an odd way. At least that’s how it will look like to you but, to me well, I am as normal as I could possibly be except I am a little more fun to be around, entertaining and even mischievous.

I eat and drink well, can groom myself, no problem and also most importantly have no issues using the litter tray. You can check out the pen I live in these days. It is nearly immaculate. My only concern is that because I am a little different to other cats, no one will think about giving me a home. As you know, living in a shelter is not ideal for cats in general but mostly for a cat like me.Living around many other cats mean that not all of them will understand my body language and might mistake me as a threat. This does not mean that I cannot live with other cats in a home. I just need to be introduced one at a time.

I also obviously need to be an indoor cat. I can get a bit carried with playing and chasing anything that interests me, so the world outside will be a dangerous place for a kitty like me. But, sitting on the couch, watching the birds outside, lots of treats as well as fun games to play with you and another cat will be my kind of life.

Please do not overlook a kitty like me, just because I can’t walk a straight line – but then again which cat does!

Note: Soi cats are microchipped, upto date on vaccines and neutered/spayed. They can easily fly to the USA and Canada. They also find their forever homes in the EU including UK. So please do not hesitate to enquire about how the adoption process works.