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Gender: Female
Age: 6 years and 6 months
Colour: Ginger

I am a survivor of a horrific traffic accident. Can you be my Angel?

My name is Angel and my story is one of immense sadness and trauma.

The staff here at Soi Dog Foundation picked this name for me when I arrived at the shelter in agony and shock. I was hit by a car and injured my face. When I was brought to Soi Dog Foundation I was bleeding from my mouth and nose and was nearly unconscious. After putting me through emergency care the vets assessed my status. They found out that  I had fractured my jaw and that I was also blind.

Slowly with a lot of intensive care that included syringe feeding, I was able to go into surgery to help repair my fractured jaw. I recovered well from the surgery and slowly I regained my strength one day at a time.

It’s been over 6 months since my accident and now I am like a new girl. I have gained weight and have a glorious ginger coat. However, because I am blind I struggle to adjust comfortably to my life here at the shelter. I’m very affectionate and a gentle ginger girl and all I long for is some peace and quiet where I can feel safe. 

It may seem I have everything I need as I am being fed and looked after but, being in a shelter is not the life for a cat. Especially for someone like me who needs space and help to learn to get my bearings. It is ok if you've never had a blind pet before, the adoptions team here at the shelter will offer you plenty of support and guide you through the process.

So, I wonder....if you can help me and be MY angel? For life.