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Gender: Male
Age: 5 years and 11 months
Colour: Black, White & Tan

Who needs four legs when you can be a master on three! 

Hi there!  I am a gentle, easy going boy named Arizona.  I may only have three legs, but that does not stop me! When I go for walks, sometimes it’s hard for my human friends to keep up! While I don’t consider myself to be an overly energetic guy all the time, I do enjoy running around for a bit when I get outside. 

Prior to my life at Soi Dog, I was living on the streets in an area that wasn’t safe for dogs. I had no shelter or food.  I would sleep under a truck to escape the rain, and dart across a busy road to scrounge for food.  One day I didn’t make it across the road safely. I was hit by a speeding car, leaving me in immense pain from a broken leg.  Weeks past until someone noticed I was injured and contacted The Soi Dog Foundation for help.  Unfortunately, by the time I was brought into the shelter, my injury was too great, and the vets could not save my leg. Despite my amputation, I’ve adjusted amazingly well to the three-legged life. I can get around without any pain or problems.  

I am the definition of a good boy. When someone visits my enclosure, I wait patiently for my turn to receive some affection, instead of getting caught up in the crowd. The volunteers reward me for my patience by sitting with me and rubbing my belly. When they stop I politely remind them that I am waiting for more.  I am so good that sometimes I even get to spend time in the office with the staff members. The aircon is pretty nice.  

I cannot wait to find myself a family to spend my days with. I will be a perfect addition to any family! Please consider welcoming me into your home, the adoption process is easy, and Soi Dog will handle everything for you!