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Gender: Male
Age: 4 years and 9 months
Colour: Tan White on Chest

Terrible suffering hasn’t stopped me from losing hope! 

My name is Arrax and I am a sweet boy with a rough past. Prior to my life here at The Soi Dog Foundation, I lived on the streets near a rubber plantation. I was lucky enough to have a group of people who fed me and who gave me the necessities I needed to survive on the streets, but one day I went missing. When I managed to return, approximately a week later, I had a severe injury to my hind paw.  No one knew where I had gone or what had happened to me. I was rushed to Soi Dog where the vets worked tirelessly to treat my wound. After undergoing surgery, the vets were unable to save my paw, so to ensure the best possible recovery they amputated my leg. I have learned to get around with ease on three legs. However, my past has left me a little bit timid. I am incredibly sweet when I get to know someone, but at first it takes a little while for me to warm up. I am hoping to find a quieter home where I can relax and feel comfortable surrounded by people that love me. I live with many other dogs here at the shelter, so I would not mind having some other doggie friends, as long as they know to give me space when I need it.  Please give me a chance to feel the love of a family, I have been through so much already!