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Gender: Female
Age: 2 years and 6 months
Colour: Tri colour
Colour: Tricolour
Weight: 19 kg

Meet Auretta – you can make her life all better!

My personality: Sweet, curious, playful, cute. 

My story: Hundreds of puppies are born on the streets of Thailand every year. They have no one to care for them, and many don't survive as the challenges are overwhelming. I was lucky to be found by a kind person who alerted Soi Dog that I had a wound on my front leg. Their rescue officers then collected me and brought me to the shelter for treatment. The wound on my foot was so infected that some of my digits had to be amputated, leaving me with a different-looking paw. However, it has not affected my gait or my joy as I love walking and exploring the world. 

My needs: I am a young girl and have never lived in a home environment. With your help and a good routine, I will learn what is expected of me. Please give me a chance to experience life as a precious pet by clicking the button below.