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Gender: Female
Age: 6 years and 7 months
Colour: Black and White

I am willing to bet I can change your life!

My name is Bangchee and I am small gal with a big personality! I am looking for someone to welcome me into their life. Like many dogs here at Soi Dog, I was unfortunately involved in a road traffic accident. When I was struck by the moving vehicle, I was knocked down and my leg was shattered. It took every ounce of my strength to get myself up and to hobble out of the road. The pain was unbearable. Luckily, someone noticed I was limping and called Soi Dog for help. The vets examined me, but quickly realised that my injury was too extensive. Although they had to remove my leg, I am extremely grateful to still be alive. 

After a few months, I learnt to cope well with life on three legs. I hobble around and enjoy going for my daily walks. Sometimes I need to be reminded to slow down and take it easy! I have been told I am very confident and like to get involved in almost anything going on around me. I guess I would agree; I can be a little bit nosey at times.

Since I live with many other dogs in my enclosure, I would not mind living with a few four legged friends. However, I prefer to have my own space so a laid back and independent doggie sibling would be great! As long as I get cuddles and affection I will be happy! My favourite way to end a long day is to cuddle up next to someone and get endless pats and belly rubs. If you adopt me, I promise to be your best friend and shower you with love and kisses!