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Gender: Male
Age: 5 years and 3 months
Colour: Grey and White

Tragedy may have struck this cat but his trust and capacity to love hasn’t wavered one bit 

Baycliff was hit by a car, resulting in a severe injury to one of his eyes and to his jaw. When he was rushed to the Soi Dog hospital, he was in shock and needed emergency care. 

Once his condition was stabilised, Baycliff went into surgery to remove his eye. This was the only way his life could be saved. At the same time, his fractured jaw was surgically repaired. 

After a lot of TLC, Baycliff has made a tremendous recovery. He has put on weight and his coat now looks healthier than ever. And Baycliff cannot get enough of pats, strokes and cuddles either. In fact, this is why we couldn’t get a single picture of him standing still. He loves to roll over on his side, begging for chin and ear rubs. It is almost as if he’s making up for lost time and trying to soak up as much human love as possible, while he he has the chance. 

Baycliff is now ready to find his own home. 

Soi cats can travel to the USA and Canada easily. They can also travel to the EU, including the UK, and Soi Dog Foundation helps with all the logisitics. Please ask for more details by hitting the Adoption Enquiry button below. 

This most handsome boy deserves so much love and he has so much love to give back too. Can you please offer him the chance to finally find a home of his own and live as all kitty cats should - in the loving arms of a human being?