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Gender: Male
Age: 6 years and 2 months
Colour: White

Dreaming of home!

One day we received a call about a dog that had been found with a terrible skin problem. His name is Beabea and he arrived at our shelter with a severe case of demodectic mange. His whole body, especially his head, was covered in painful weeping sores. We can’t imagine how much he has suffered! 

Thanks to supporters like you, this sweet boy was immediately given the treatment he needed. After weeks of soothing baths and medicine, he has transformed! Although it has been a long road to recovery, he has made great strides forward. Can you help Beabea find a home by the time he reaches a full recovery?

His sweet nature and golden eyes will melt your heart! Please click the button enquire and offer Beabea the home he dreams of!