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Gender: Male
Age: 2 years
Colour: Brindle
Colour: Brindle
Weight: 12 kg

A mini brindle boy waiting to find his place in the world

My personality: Coy and cautious but with a curiosity that’s waiting to be satisfied.

My story: I was a skinny and dishevelled puppy of about three months when I was found. Tests at the shelter showed I had a serious disease called distemper. This viral disease could easily have killed me, but I was very lucky to have lived to tell the story. However, my experience left me scared, and I remain a worrisome puppy when faced with the unknown.

My needs: I’m looking to find the perfect family who can give me the time, love and tenderness I need to come out of my shell. Soi Dog’s behaviour team has worked hard to bring out the best in me, but the ever-changing nature of the shelter means my progress is a “one step forward, two steps back” affair. This is why it’s so important I find a home of my own – one that’s calm and peaceful and has another wise and friendly dog – so I can make consistent headway in becoming the best dog I can be.