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Gender: Male
Age: 2 years and 8 months
Colour: White
Colour: White
Weight: 15 kg

Wait until you see my true personality shine!

My personality: Independent and cautious but also friendly and charming.

My story: My story is one that’s been told so many times. At the tender age of two months, I was hit by a car that sped off into the distance, leaving me with a fractured leg. I was very scared and in a lot of pain, but luckily a kind local who witnessed the accident came to my rescue. She called Soi Dog for help, and they brought me to their shelter for treatment and safety. The vets managed to save my injured leg with surgery, and now the only reminder of my trauma is a scar on my thigh.

My needs: I may be a bit stand-offish with strangers initially, but once I get to know someone, my friendly, charming and goofy personality starts to shine. I love going for walks, especially to play in the off-lead areas, but I might need a little bit of time to adjust to new surroundings. I can live in a home with another dog as long as they match my personality, but I'd do best without any children. If you're looking for a friend to go on adventures with or to just relax at home with, I'm the one for you.