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Gender: Female
Age: 5 years and 3 months
Colour: Black

Can YOU change my destiny?

Hello!  My name is Cadillac, but some people call me Caddy. I have been in Soi Dog's care since 2013 and I am hoping that it is now my turn to find a place to call home. Unfortunately, the odds have been against me. Being a black dog who was shy in the past, I have been overlooked time and time and again. I hope you can see how special I am. 

I was brought to Soi Dog because a kind person noticed that I was not eating or drinking. They were concerned for my well being and called Soi Dog for help. As you can imagine, the streets are not the best place for a small puppy to live. Due to a rough start in life, I found it hard to show my true personality through my fear. While I have always been friendly towards people, I found most things outside my enclosure very scary. Little by little, I started to gain confidence and realized that walks were not so scary. Today, I am living in a foster home and LOVE my walks, especially when we go to the beach. I enjoy running on the sand and through the water. I find comfort in the company other male dogs, they tend to give me the confidence I need. I am actually quite the flirt... 

I would appreciate a home where I have my own space to relax with a family who make me feel safe and loved. I’ve made great strides to overcome a lot of my fears and now I’m looking for a permanent home. Will you be the one to change my destiny?