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Gender: Male
Age: 7 years and 6 months
Colour: Tan

Your 3 legged teddy bear is here!

Hello there. I am Carbink , and you’ll usually find me sleeping in the back of my run. I have a soft and fluffy cream-coloured coat and of course I have only 3 legs.

I have been here at the shelter since September 2016. I was brought here due to a severe skin condition. It was so bad that a lot of people thought I had a big wound on my back. Once the vets here had a good look at me they found that my left front leg was very sore too.

I was treated for my skin and later my leg needed to be amputated, as it was causing me too much pain.

I had lived alone on the streets most of my life and having wounds, aches, and pains is quite normal for a street dog like me but now living at the shelter I feel so much better. I get good food and I am on joint support to help me with my aches.

But there are a lot of dogs here at the shelter and it can be a bit much, learning to get by with everyone. So I’m hoping to find a place of my own soon where I can just chill where it’s quiet, relaxed and peaceful. Do you have such a place?

If you have other similar dogs like me who just like to take it slow and easy then I’d be happy to be a part of your world.

I can’t lie, my bones cannot take long walks so very short walks or just a gentle stroll in your garden is the best for me – something where I could go out and get some sunshine. Do you have what will be perfect for a doggie like me? If so, can you please get in touch with the Adoptions Team?

Look forward to hearing from you.