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Gender: Female
Age: 2 years and 5 months
Colour: Black Sable

I'm a girl with a wanderlust looking for a travelling partner. Please adopt me, Chewie.

Hi there, my name is Chewie and I am a beautiful girl who is looking for a home of my own.

I have lived on the streets of Phuket, Thailand all my life. But the streets can be a dangerous place, where dogs aren't always welcome. My free spirit was not always appreciated by the people where I lived. So, I was brought to Soi Dog Foundation's shelter for my own safety.

It was a good thing I came here, because the vets found out I have a sore knee joint. I've been treated with medication and physiotherapy, and I already feel so much better. Luckily the vets have told me that this doesn't affect my walks, which is great because walking is my favourite hobby.

I walk amazingly well on the lead for a doggie who's lived on the street. I only stop occasionally to have a sniff of the very interesting smells. New places might make me a bit nervous, so when I come to you will you please be patient with me? I wonder if I am a bit claustrophobic because enclosed rooms and spaces kind of make me nervous! I guess it's because I had so much space when I lived on the streets.

I don't really mind the other dogs I meet on a walk, so please don't hesitate to take me to parks. I would really enjoy myself if I have space to run, roll around on the grass and just be silly if I wanted to. We can also go on long walks together because, as you know, I am an outdoorsy kind of girl.

I think I would enjoy learning tricks and commands too, because I am a smart young girl who has a lot of potential.

Although I don't mind other dogs when there is plenty of room, I would do much better in a home where I don't have to share my space with another dog. I am a calm yet sunny girl, and I want to be the only apple of your eye.

If you've been searching for someone special, look no further. Please adopt me, so that I can live in a safe and loving home for the rest of my life.