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Gender: Female
Age: 9 months
Colour: Black
Colour: Black and Tan
Weight: 13 kg

Deprim is primed to capture your heart!

My personality: As I am still a puppy I am still learning how the world works. There are times when all the new sounds, sights and smells fell overwhleming so I can be tentative and unsure. I get along with the other puppies in my run and enjoy playing with them. When visitors come in I get excited and run up to welcome them. 

My story: After I was born on the streets of Phuket Island, my mom looked after me and my siblings. Unfortunately she was poisoned and died so we were left all alone and vulnerable as we were still tiny and unable to fend for ourselves. A kind lady collected us and contacted Soi Dog Foundation for help. They sent a rescue team to bring us to the shelter for safety. I have been here for almost my whole life and I would love to find a forever family of my own. I've heard that life as a precous pet is pawesome - please could you click the button below so that I can experience it for the first time. 

My needs: As  I am still a puppy I will need you to show me what is expected of me. I won't be house trained and  may chew things like any typical puppy. Please be patient with me - with your help and support I can grow into the best girl who will love you forever and ever!