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Gender: Male
Age: 2 years and 3 months
Colour: Black and Tan
Colour: Black and Tan
Weight: 15 kg

Just like a flower, I’ll bloom if you take the time to care for me

My personality: Very nervous, gentle, sweet.

My story: I was hit by a car when I was just five months old. It was such a scary experience, and I was left in a world of pain. A kind man found me and rushed me to a local clinic, but I needed treatment he couldn’t afford, so I was transferred to Soi Dog. My left hind leg had been fractured by the impact of the car, and I needed surgery to repair it. Once I’d recovered, it was decided that I should stay at the shelter for my safety as I had no home and no one to care for me.

My needs: Although I’ve been at the shelter for a while now, I'm still very wary of strangers and new surroundings, but I’m doing my best to overcome my fears. I’m searching for a patient family who will give me as much time as I need to settle in. I can live in a home with other dogs as I’m not as scared of them as I am of humans. My carers say I've made such great progress since I arrived, and I know I can bloom and grow even further in a home. Please give me a chance to show the world the real Eli!