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Gender: Male
Age: 4 years and 4 months
Colour: Ginger and White

Super Elmo is looking for his forever home

Hi there, my name is Elmo and I am a rescue kitty.  I used to live on an island not far from Phuket, Thailand.  I had no one to feed and care for me.  Two members of the Soi Dog team found me while they were on holiday.  I was weak and thin.  My fur was missing and my skin was sore.  I was having trouble breathing. 

When I arrived at the shelter, the vets diagnosed me with Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV). Please read more about FeLV here:

The staff here took care of me and, once I was strong again, my lovable personality started to shine.  I now live with a foster family who have offered to look after me until I can find a home of my own.  My foster parents describe me as a ‘well behaved Garfield’.

I love people!  I will happily walk over to anyone I meet, in the hope of a cuddle.  I’ve even charmed my way into the hearts of those who say they’re not ‘cat people’.  When I'm in the mood, I love to have a short whizz around my foster home, and I look out for sticks and leaves I can play with.  I enjoy watching the world go by from a sunny windowsill, and playing hide and seek in a box or behind the TV. 

And boy, do I love my food!  I’m almost unrecognizable from the skinny cat that arrived at the shelter.  I’m hoping to find a home with lots of space and plenty of jumping opportunities, so I can keep my big belly at bay. 

I have a super mix of leisure and liveliness, and being diagnosed with FeLV hasn't stopped me from living the life of an active and happy cat.

Whilst my fosters love me dearly, they believe the purrfect home is out there for me.  I sure hope I will find it very soon.   So will you please get in touch with to find out how you can adopt me.