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Gender: Female
Age: 3 years and 4 months
Colour: White

I put Snow White to shame with my looks!

Hi there, I am the most beautiful and elegant girl here at the shelter (this an subjective statement but true nonetheless). I am not trying to brag but one look at me will leave you mesmerised. Don’t you agree?

I absolutely love the attention of volunteers. Sadly at the shelter there is never enough of this to go around. There are at least 20 of us in one run so getting a lot of “me” time according to Evalina standards is highly unlikely. But, please don’t be alarmed, I am not as needy as a puppy. I just want to tell everyone how much I love having them around and find out whether it’s my turn to go for a walk.

Speaking of walks, I love my walks around the shelter. I walk well on the lead and I like to watch other dogs go by as well. I never jump, bark or growl when on leash. I did say I am elegant, didn’t I?

However, I do have my moments of doggie fun where I like to roll on the grass, mud or any spot that is dizzying with wonderful doggie smells. So obviously I am not averse to having fun!

Being in a shelter is not how I have planned my life. I dream of a home where there is enough love and attention for me, which means I could live with other dogs too as long as you have time to keep us all entertained and equally loved. I would enjoy regular walks around the neighborhood, parks or even woods to keep me stimulated. I also think I’d very much enjoy training classes as I have the brains as well as the looks.

Really I want to impress you and be the best behaved dog you’ve ever had.

So will you take a chance on a girl like me?