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Gender: Female
Age: 8 months
Colour: Tri-colour

Beautiful, be-witching and bright-eyed girl looking for a home!

Fitra came to Soi Dog Foundation in Phuket, Thailand after she was  found on the side of the road bleeding and unable to walk.

A kind samaratin tried to help her as Fitra tried to drag herself away in search of somewhere to hide. She was rushed to the shelter to assess her injuries as it looked like she was hit by a vehicle. Luckily all the X-rayas showed that Fitra had not broken any bones. But, she had bruised herself badly and was in a lot of pain. It took sometime for Fitra to get better and overcome her injuries and regain her health.

If she did not receive the emergency care when she did, she may not be alive today.

She survived her fall and has now grown into a happy, bouncy and a beautiful young feline.

Fitra greets visitors to her enclosure with her gorgeous looks and has learnt that humans make great couches and ear scratchers.

Fitra has nowhere else to go so lives at Soi Dog Foundation's shelter for vulnerable and injured street cats and dogs, but do you think this a shelter is the place for cat live the rest of her life? She is an innocent young feline and her life would only be complete being with a family who can love her for life.

Please email for more details or click the adoption enquiry button today!

Note: All cats available for adoption at the Soi Dog Foundation are sterilized, vaccinated and can travel to the EU,USA and Canada.