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Gender: Female
Age: 1 year and 5 months
Colour: Black

Looking for a travel partner who is happy-go-lucky, versatile and adventurous?

I might be your purrfect match!

Hello Humans. I am a young female cat called Gimheng, and everyone tells me I’m a great All Rounder.

I am a handsome tuxedo Thai kitty, who has been waiting for an adventure of a lifetime these last few months. I know people sometimes take dogs on holiday, and that cats often miss out on the vacation fun because they are too skittish. But, if you’ve ever dreamed of taking your cat along on your adventures, I might be just the kitty for you.

I am very confident and brave. Everyone tells me I’m super smart and adventurous. Nothing really bothers me at all, and I maintain a positive outlook even on a bad day.

I am the kind of cat who will not miss the opportunity to chase toys, even in the face of danger. I am the kind of kitty that Show Cats are made of. I am a cat who is happy to do the cat walk in front of any bustling and tough crowd. I am a natural model, not afraid to put myself out there and show the world what I am made of. I am adventurous and glamorous all at the same time.

I know there’s an exciting world beyond these shelter walls. Far off places like Canada, the USA and the UK to satisfy my craving for adventure and excitement. Can you open your home to me and save me?