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Gender: Male
Age: 3 years and 8 months
Colour: White

Sweet and gentle gal looking to be your companion 

My name is Hinsai and before arriving at Soi Dog, I was living on the streets.  With all the speeding cars, other street dogs and people shooing me away, I was always in some sort of danger, and I ended up with a wound on my front leg. The wound slowly became more infected and there was no one around to help me. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon for dogs living on the streets but thankfully, someone saw me limping and called Soi Dog for help. They brought me in, treated my wound and restored my sense of safety. I am lucky the infection did not spread.  

I am now excited to find a home of my own. I’m a very sweet girl who would make a great companion to anyone looking for a gentle character. I love having someone by my side no matter where or when. I enjoy going for walks and can be playful at times, but I also enjoy just relaxing with the volunteers. I look forward to laying at the end of someone’s bed as they read a book, or spending my weekends exploring new places! My stunning white fur and beautiful smile will make for great pictures that will become memories we can cherish forever. Does this sound like a life you can offer me? Just say the word... I will be here waiting for you!