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Gender: Male
Age: 5 years and 7 months
Colour: Tabby and white
Colour: White

A purrfect gentleman

My personality: Mild mannered, mellow and independent – a purrfect gentleman.

My story: Usually a gentleman never tells, but I’ll make an exception for you because I can see that you’re special! In January 2020, I was hit by a vehicle while living on the streets. In shock, I darted from the scene of the accident into a nearby office. The staff saw blood coming from my nose and mouth and called Soi Dog who sent a team to rescue me.

My health: Fortunately, I escaped my ordeal without any serious injuries and have been in good health ever since. My medical notes even describe me as a “good boy”. That’s a professional opinion, so it must be true!

What makes me unique: There’s no other cat at the shelter who has the dazzling combination of patched grey tabby fur and piercing green eyes that I do.

What I need: A calm home with a patient family who can give me time to relax and come out of my shell. Some fellow feline friends would be great too. You see, I’m comfortable with creatures on four legs, but I’m still a little shy around those on two.

Why you should adopt me: Shyer cats like me are diamonds in the rough: we have so much potential to be wonderful companions yet we’re often overlooked for adoption. Will you give me a chance? Like a true gentleman, I’m already grooming my fur and practicing my firm pawshake in preparation to meet you. And even better: a very kind supporter has donated towards my travel costs to help me get to you! 


NOTE: Joonny is just one of the many cats available for adoption at Soi Dog Foundation. They have all been rescued from terrible ordeals and are in urgent need of suitable homes. While most of these cats are available to fly overseas to the USA, Canada and many parts of Europe, including the UK, we prioritise adoptions within Thailand where possible. We focus on adopting cats locally to ensure they are able to leave the shelter as quickly as possible, thereby reducing the stress of living in a shared environment and improving their welfare.

However, if you are based outside of Thailand and are looking to give a home to a rescued cat from Soi Dog Foundation, we’d be delighted to find the perfect match for you. Please click on the "Adoption Enquiry" button below, and our adoptions team will be in contact for further details to help match you with a cat that’s suitable for you and your lifestyle.