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Gender: Male
Age: 2 years and 1 month
Colour: Black and White
Colour: Black and White
Weight: 20 kg

Julley, madly, deeply!

My personality: A little coy and nervous but also gentle and sweet.

My story: They say that puppies get themselves into mischief and trouble, but what happened to me was something else! At the tender age of two months, I was hit by a car while living on the streets. With no one looking after me, all I could do was limp along as my fractured bones healed themselves in all the wrong positions. By a stroke of luck, Soi Dog had a mobile team stationed nearby at the time. Their staff spotted me and brought me to the shelter for treatment, which included corrective surgery, a cast and a splint. Scroll down to see me rocking my little yellow cast (while thinking of ways to create more puppy mischief).

My needs: Though I’m long healed now, doctor’s orders are to take it easy and stick to a light exercise regime to be on the safe side. (Think gentle walks rather than long hikes.) I’m also on a special urinary diet to prevent cystitis. New, busy or loud areas can be a bit scary for me, but with the helping hand of someone I love and trust, I can be encouraged to walk through them. I find having a fellow dog with me encouraging as well, so if you happen to have another dog in your home already, that’s a bonus for me and could help with the settling-in process. Will you give me a chance? I will love you Julley, madly, deeply if you do!