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Gender: Female
Age: 2 years and 3 months
Colour: Tabby

Her bones may have been broken but Juralak’s zest for life stays strong.

Cat-a-hoy to you peeps! I am the gorgeous Juralak. The first to greet you, the first to play and the first to cuddle up to you if you visit Soi Dog’s cat enclosure here in Phuket, Thailand.

I am young girl with so much cattitude, I’ll leave an impression that will last forever.

I am a charmer, a survivor and of course a talker.

You might have noticed I have three legs.  Don’t feel sorry for me.  I am managing fine, but I bet you’d like to hear my story.

I was hit by a car when I lived on the streets. The vets worked really hard to save my life, but they were not able to save my leg. I have recovered really well and although I limp when I walk, it hasn’t stopped me from being a little naughty and playful.

I love it when people visit my enclosure.  They simply cannot escape me - I come straight over for a chat - I lie by their feet and play with their keys or anklets.  Most visitors are amazed by my energy and are surprised that a kitty like me is so affectionate.  But sadly, the visitors cannot stay with me all day.  

I realised that the position of ‘professional person cuddler’ in not available at Soi Dog right now, so the only alternative is for me to find a home of my own, where I can chat to my heart’s content and receive cuddles all day long.  Could that home be with you?