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Gender: Male
Age: 10 months
Colour: Sandy

Hi there, my name is Kahar and I am yet another victim of the many motor vehicle accidents that occur each year. While many of these accidents end in fatality, luckily for me, I survived. After being struck and severely injured by a speeding car, I was left on the road unable to move. No one knows how long I would have lasted lying there. Fortunately, someone saw me and called Soi Dog for help

The vets examined my injury and saw that my leg was shattered. They could see nothing but fear and pain in my eyes. In order to relieve me from the pain I was feeling, the vets had to amputate my leg. Despite losing my leg, I have since made a full recovery. I walk and run with no problem at all and enjoy a cuddle at any time of the day! My sweet nature and innocent smile will melt your heart. Please consider giving a sweet young boy like me a place to call home, no puppy should have to go through what I did.