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Gender: Male
Age: 8 years and 2 months
Colour: Brown and White

Looking for a dog to fit your relaxed lifestyle? Well, I’m the gentleman for you! I’m the gorgeous Karius.

Please adopt me!

Sometimes even the nicest dogs have bad things happen to them. I used to live on the streets of Phuket, Thailand. Life on the streets is hard. Sometimes I'd meet kind people, while some people I came across were not so kind. One day, I was slashed on the neck with a knife because I made someone angry by barking at them. Thankfully, a very kind local lady found me and asked Soi Dog Foundation for help.

Thanks to people like YOU, the vets treated my wounds and nursed me back to health. I’ll admit it: I didn’t like it in the hospital. I was scared and in pain and it made me very grumpy. But I felt so much better after I was discharged to my enclosure to live with the other dogs. We get along fine, but at around seven and a half years of age, I’m one of the older dogs in my enclosure. I like to sit in my own spot where I can relax in peace.

I really love it when people come to visit me. I am always happy to see them and I shower them with affection. I really hope I can find a home with the softest rugs, the comfiest beds (I love snoozing), the tastiest treats and a human all my own. Did I tell you I love big bear hugs?

So if you like to go for gentle walks, sit on the benches or in the park to watch the world go by, well I am a good match for you! Can you give me a home where I can spend the rest of my days in peace and relaxation?