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Gender: Male
Age: 6 years and 2 months
Colour: Brown
Colour: Brown
Weight: 19 kg

Blind dogs see with their hearts

My personality: Confident, friendly, a perfect gentleman.

My story: Contrary to what you might think, when I came to Soi Dog in July 2021, it wasn’t for any eye-related issues. In fact, the people who reported me didn’t know I was blind. Instead, I came for treatment after being hit by a car and left disoriented and in pain. It was during my initial examination that the vets noticed I'd lost vision in both of my eyes. While they helped me recover from the car accident with surgery and physiotherapy, there was nothing they could do to restore my sight.

My needs: Understandably, I can be a bit wary of dogs entering my personal space and so, to save me from potential stress, I think I'd do best in a home where I’m my family's one and only or where there's another calm dog who will respect my need for space. When I'm out on my walks, I like to take my time sniffing and will stop every now and then for some cuddles (I think you can tell from my photos that I love a good cuddle!) If you offer me a home, I promise to fill every single one of our days together with love and happiness, so please consider enquiring.