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Gender: Female
Age: 3 years and 1 month
Colour: Tabby

Tailless I maybe, but I am the sassiest kitty here at the shelter

The staff named me Lipton, after the world renowned brand of tea, and I’m hoping that one day I’ll be just as famous! 

I practice my regal and royal poses every minute of the day. Whether I’m sleeping (even when I’m on my back and drooling in my sleep), while I am eating or just staring blankly into space, it doesn’t matter - I will always be the most striking kitty you will ever meet.

Sadly, my life wasn’t always this grand.

No one can say what happened to me, but when I was brought to the shelter my tail was missing and my tail bone was sticking out.  I was so scared and frail. The vets also found out that I am FIV positive.  FIV is the cat version of HIV, but don’t worry – I cannot pass this infection onto people.

I can even live with other cats, as long as they are friendly and neutered/spayed.  I can live a long and happy life just like any other cat.  I just need to visit the vet for regular check-ups.  You can find out more about FIV here:

After receiving a lot of treatment, I started my glamorous journey into being the beautiful girl I am today.  I am about two years old and I love to do all the things that cats love to do. I also am a big fan of paw ball (footy as you’d say!).  One of my friends who also had FIV recently travelled to her new home in Finland.  I wish I could find my own home somewhere like that.  My natural fur coat will be purrfect for such a climate, don’t you think?

Most of the Soi Cats that are lucky enough to find a home travel to USA, EU, UK or Canada.  The adoptions team will make all the arrangements for you. 

I am made to live in a cat mansion with my own high perch, lots of treats and human beds (not sure who invented beds for cats – we can get comfy anywhere)!  And yes, a human to attend to my every need!

So will you p lease ADOPT ME?

(Read more about my journey to recovery here: