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Gender: Male
Age: 2 years and 5 months
Colour: Blue & White

Gentle Grey Giant looking for head butting pal 

Lusa came to Soi Dog Foundation in April 2017 after he was found wandering the roads, weak and covered in many big wounds all over his body.  

Nobody knew what happened to him except he was in urgent medical care. 

It took over a year for Lusa’s wounds to completely heal but he has come out of it all not just strong and beautiful but as gentle as ever. 

Not only is Lusa a big softie, he also happens to be the vet office cat. While normal cats will avoid this room at all costs, Lusa is watchful for any opportunities to sneak in there. We think he enjoys listening in on serious medical discussions and weighing in with his own opinions on feline medical matters. Or maybe it’s just all the human company he enjoys as well as the chairs he seem to fill out with his afternoon naps. 

 We will never know exactly what goes on this feline mind, but what we do know is that this chunky boy is need of a home with humans who enjoys headbunting; with humans who are in dire need of reminders to take a break from their desk work and/or humans who seek to have a lion in their living room!. 

Lusa is indifferent to other cats and will need a family of friendly cats who will help him adjust comfortably to a multi cat household. 

Note: Cats from the Soi Dog Foundation are able to travel to the USA, Canada and the EU including the UK. 

Please email or hit the Adoption Enquiry button below to get more information about adopting lovely Lusa.