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Gender: Male
Age: 6 years and 1 month
Colour: Brown
Colour: Brown
Weight: 14 kg

Seeking a new best friend!

My name is Lynnon and, as you can already see, I'm a handsome young fella in need of someone to be my friend. According to the volunteers, I'm quite the character. 

I arrived at Soi Dog in January 2018 after I was involved in a motor vehicle accident. A lady took me to a local veterinary clinic, but she couldn't afford my full course of treatment, so she called Soi Dog for help. I went on to make a full recovery, but I've had a tough time adjusting to shelter life, so I'm keen to find a loving home as soon as possible. 

I love to go for walks with the volunteers. Sometimes they take me to the off-lead area and that's where I'm happiest. I enjoy being outside and spending one-on-one time with my humans. Since I'm still quite young and have had a rough start in the shelter, I've got a lot to learn. I'm looking for an owner that has experience with dogs and can provide me with the guidance I need. I'll be a great companion for someone special. We could go exploring or just cuddle up on the couch, whatever you want! As long as it's you and me, anything is possible.