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Gender: Female
Age: 4 years and 10 months
Colour: Brown and White

I am one of a kind! 

When you look into my crystal blue eye, you will see kindness, love and loyalty. Hi, my name is Malanie and I am searching for someone special to offer me a second chance at life in a home.  

There was a time when I had a home and a family, but one day they packed up and left me with nowhere to go. Life on the streets was tough since I had always relied on my owners to care for me. I struggled to scrounge for food and find a safe place to live. I became very skinny; my paws became extremely swollen; and one of my eyes became severely infected. Day after day the pain grew, until one day I could not bear it anymore. I cried for help, and luckily someone heard. I was brought into Soi Dog, where I underwent immediate treatment. The vets were not able to save my eye, but I was still able to make a full recovery.  

I am so happy to be off the streets and in a place that can help me find my furever home!  Do not let my looks fool you. While I may look like a fearsome Pitbull, I am quite the opposite. I am loving and gentle giant. My blue eye, unusual markings, and goofy personality make me unique. I stick out from the rest and have captured the hearts of many. Some of my favorite activities include going for walks, chasing a ball and finding water to splash around in. I am longing for a best friend to spend my days with. Someone who understands me and someone who will love unconditionally. Could that be you?