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Gender: Male
Age: 2 years and 5 months
Colour: Black & Grey
Colour: Grey
Weight: 15 kg

A wonderful wobbly boy

Hello! I’m Mcgriffin, a wonderful wobbly boy looking for a home.

What do I mean by wobbly? Well, I have a neurological condition called ataxia which affects my coordination. It means I walk with a wiggle and can be unsteady on my paws.

Living on the streets with this condition was a real challenge which is why Soi Dog took me into their care. It might be tempting to feel sorry for me, but please don’t! I live a very full life, and I really don’t know any different.

I’m quite wary of new people, but once I accept someone into my circle of trust, I love them wholeheartedly and do everything I can to make them feel special. You should see how my whole body wags when I see the staff who take me out for my daily walks.

Some dogs can find my unusual movements a bit confusing, so it’s challenging to make friends sometimes. With this in mind, I would need a home with gentle and understanding dogs or, even better, no dogs at all so I can have all the love to myself.

Please consider me. My body may be wobbly, but my heart is steady and true!