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Gender: Female
Age: 7 years and 2 months
Colour: White

With me super soft fur you won’t need your teddy bear any more.

I was involved with a road traffic accident that injured my back legs. Soi Dog Foundation’s Rescue Officers found me on the street, limping and in pain, and so they brought me to the shelter here in Phuket, Thailand for treatment. While they were treating me, the vets discovered that I had surgery on my hip at some point in the past. Thanks to Soi Dog’s kind supporters, I received physio and laser therapy and I have a new lease of life!

At first I had to take it easy, with short and gentle walks. But now I run faster than most of the youngsters here! They can never keep up with me.

In fact, I make even the slow moving of dogs feel energetic, and I get everyone in the mood for some good fun.

I love dogs and people and hope to find a home where there is a good balance of relaxation and fun activities. An enclosed garden would be my dream, where I can burn off some energy before cooling off in a patch of grass.

I am a super sweet, chilled out fun loving girl (did I mention my soft fur?), who is hoping that someone will look past my injuries and age and realise what a wonderful fuzzy, furry companion I can be.