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Gender: Female
Age: 5 years and 5 months
Colour: Cream and White

Attacked by a machete, will I ever find happiness and safety in a home?

I am Mia and I came to Soi Dog Foundation’s shelter in Phuket, Thailand after I was attacked by a machete.

Before I was attacked, I spent a lot of my time outdoors and on the side of the road too, which is pretty normal for us dogs here. I am a fun loving girl who thought the wheels of bikes were just peculiar and I couldn’t help but chase after them. This was such a fun game for me and my doggy friends, but not everyone enjoyed it as much as we did. I was slashed with a knife, leaving me with a deep wound and in terrible pain. By the time I reached the shelter, the wound had become infected and infested with maggots.

Thanks to Soi Dog’s kind supporters, I received the medication and care I needed, and my wounds have healed. I am a sweet natured girl, despite my terrible ordeal. I have a fun and affectionate side, which I will be happy to share with you once we know each other better. I am learning to walk on a lead with the volunteers. It’s a bit strange, considering I used to take myself for walks, but I’m told I’m doing great.

We have volunteers visiting the shelter from all over the world and I have heard amazing things about places like the UK, EU, Canada and US, where dogs from the shelter have found forever homes. A cooler climate will be great for a change for my fluffy long coat too. Where ever you maybe I’d be happy to travel to you and the adoptions team at Soi Dog will make all the arrangements.

Just one other thing before you click that Adoption Enquiry form, I am not going to be suitable for your home if you have those cute fluffy creatures called cats. I like to be in a cat--free zone please. No cats? Then great, go ahead and click that orange box right now!