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Gender: Male
Age: 4 years and 6 months
Colour: Sable & Tan
Colour: Sable
Weight: 13 kg

Waiting for my special someone to bond with

My personality: Cautious and coy yet wanting to be near.

My story: I was seven months old when Soi Dog’s rescue officers found me and my family living abandoned in the jungle. According to locals in the area nearby, there were some people who used to feed us, but they moved away, leaving my mum and dad struggling to find food for me and my seven siblings. Luckily, we were all brought to the shelter, and most of my family have since been adopted. I hope I’m next! (You can also meet my mother Mobiliya here and my brother Mobin here.)

My needs: As can be expected having grown up so far from civilisation, I initially found humans very scary, and it took me a long time to be able to start trusting them. However, thanks to the help of the behaviourists here at the shelter, I've made great progress and am finally ready to find my new family. Although I'm still wary of strangers, I like staying close to my human friends once I trust them, though if they try to pet me, I may run away (only to sneak up and sit next to them again when they're not watching!) I'm looking for a special family who’s willing to let a shy soul like me take the time I need to adapt to living in a home. Having another doggie sibling around to show me the ropes may help me settle in as well.