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Gender: Female
Age: 2 years and 9 months
Colour: Tortie (Cat only)

Naturally camouflaged and skilled at breaking hearts – I am the alluring Moloni.


I am a splendid Calico Cat. In fact, some say I glow and I have the softest fur you may have ever felt.  I am sometimes aloof, but that's how we Calicos operate.  We are just too independent to go looking for attention.  But, if you give me a little pat, I will lap up your love.   

I had a home once, but my owners no longer wanted me and they dumped me at the shelter here in Phuket, Thailand.   

I am a healthy kitty with a fun and playful side.  I'm smart and resourceful.  Give me a toy that the other cats don't want and I will definitely find a use for it.  I have a vivid imagination and even the strangest toy can be turned into a fun activity for me. Visitors to my enclosure might find me sprawled out somewhere, showing off my beautiful markings, or just entertaining myself.   

I might be independent and self-contained, but I do long for some human attention just for me.  I hope there is someone out there who will open their home to me and save me from a life in a shelter.   

It's really quick and easy for me to travel to places like Canada and the USA.  The adoptions team will make all the arrangements for you.  Please fill out an online enquiry to find out more.