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Gender: Male
Age: 4 years and 3 months
Colour: White & Black

I have the most unique markings!

Hi there. My name is Mushu, and I am the cutest cat you will meet here at the Soi Dog Foundation. You don’t believe me?

With so many kitties here, it can be easy to get lost in the crowd. But not me! I am mostly white with a black tail, a little black cap, and last but definitely not least, a distinguished black marking on my nose. I lived with a family who adopted me as a baby. Sadly, a couple of years later they decided to move out of Thailand and couldn’t take me with them. That’s how I ended up at Soi Dog Foundation.

Here at the shelter I am one of the only cats who knows my name. I love hearing my name and each time I hear someone call my name I still wonder if my owners have returned to take me home.

At first it was immensely difficult for me to settle down with all the other cats as it was overwhelming coming from a quiet home where I lived by myself. I have now settled in fairly well, learning to get by with the other cats.

So, here I am waiting for a family to adopt me as theirs. But this time hopefully it will be that “forever” home that everyone talks about here. Can you please email to find out how to adopt me or even fill out an Adoption Enquiry today!

I will adjust quickly to a home and now that I have lived with other kitties, I will make a lovely addition to your current family of kitties too.

I have seen some cats find homes in other parts of the world and I’m hoping very soon someone will see my charming personality and decide to adopt me so that I can go back to living in a house with lots of love and comfort.

I am a calm and affectionate boy who loves ear and neck rubs.

It is very easy to adopt me whether you are in Thailand, USA, Canada or the EU including the UK or even somewhere exotic like Brazil. Please will you offer me a home with you? All I ask for is a home for life where I will never be abandoned again.