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Gender: Female
Age: 1 year and 3 months
Colour: Black

I am thankful for my second chance at life and love.

My name is Namthip! Unfortunately, I am one of many dogs who have fallen victim to deliberate poisoning. Dogs like me who live on the streets, are forced to find food and shelter to survive. Each day is a struggle and sometimes I ended up in areas that are not safe for dogs, which ultimately led me to Soi Dog. After eating something off the street one day, I started to feel funny. My body started to shut down and I felt extremely weak and sick. Luckily someone witnessed what was happening and called Soi Dog’s emergency line. I was rushed into the hospital, where the Vets worked tirelessly to save my life. They were able to treat and stabilise me.

Although I have made a full physical recovery, it has taken me some time to build my confidence and trust in people, but each day I make another stride forward. The volunteers have started taking me on walks and spending time with me in the off-lead area. I am learning that these people are here to help me, which has helped me start to enjoy my time out walking. The other day I even started chasing around a toy!

It may take me a little while to connect with someone, but when I do I am nothing but sweet and affectionate. I really like spending quiet time with the volunteers, especially when they pet me softly. I am looking for a family that will give me time to settle and help me continue progressing. Could this be you?